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I'm Eric Misko and I'm a photographer in Dubuque, Iowa.

With a degree in photography, and over 30 years of experience, I still have the passion, drive, and love of creating images I have had from the very start. Any one who has had their portrait taken by me has experienced my enthusiasm behind the camera. The joy I have behind the camera always carries over into expressions of those I photograph. But even if you feel unphotogenic or uncomfortable at the thought of having your portrait taken, know that you're not alone. And know that I make it my job to fix that!

Nearly everyone who comes to my Dubuque photography studio tenses up when they're first in front of the camera. But whether it's a family portrait, senior portrait, or business portrait, I make sure to coach you and make the entire process easy and painless—even enjoyable! That way you don't have anything to worry about and leave with images you are 100% satisfied with.

I pay attention to all of the details—how you hold your shoulders, the strain in your forehead—and work to help you relax those tensions, putting you at ease in front of the camera, no matter how unphotogenic you think you are. Even aspects as minute as your micro-expressions, I take care to erase any doubts or uncertainties so your portraits show you as confident and engaging.

As a professional photographer, I promise the images we create together will engage the viewer and will leave you with photographs you absolutely love. If you find yourself unhappy with any piece of the final image, I will happily take the extra time to make it right.

Your image is important. Let's work together to make it the best one you've ever had.

Eric Misko Professional Dubuque Photographer


Family Portraits:

Your family grows up fast and we want to make sure you have beautiful portraits for every stage along the way. Weather it's formal or casual, indoor or outdoor, we make sure that your family relationships shine through for images that only grow more precious as the years go by.

Senior Portraits

Want the best senior pictures in Dubuque? Look no further! At Elite Images we know that your senior year is a big deal and you deserve awesome photos to show for it! We capture every side of your personality for a variety of pictures that are just as unique as you . Show us who you are and we'll show you senior portraits that are truly you.

Modern Headshot and Personal Branding:

Want your professional business portrait to stand out? Our Dubuque photography studio offers Modern Headshot—a contemporary business portrait that shows exactly who you are as a professional. Is there more than one aspect of who you are as a professional? Personal Branding is an extended session that truly captures each side of your brand's personality. With modern lighting techniques and unique posing, these portraits are sure to set you apart from the competitors.

Classic Business Portraits:

Get the best business portrait in Dubuque with the Dubuque photographer with the most experience. Having taken thousands of business portraits, we know that they are a must-have for any company. These classic headshots don't go out of style and are perfect for showing the friendly faces of your business. The consistency of our Business Portraits keep your team looking unified and are easily updated as your company grows and changes.

Modern Beauty:

Live like a celebrity with this magazine-style photoshoot! You'll be feeling famous as you transform into a model for a day with this glamorous session featuring fully styled hair and make-up along with your favorite dresses. Take some time to focus on yourself or make it a girls day out at our Dubuque photography studio!

Commercial Photography and Virtual Tours:

The product, the people, and the service—this is the backbone of your business and it's worth showing off! Not only can our Dubuque photographer compose and capture images that perfectly showcase your company, but as a Google Trusted Photographer, he is certified to create Google Street View for Business. These virtual tours let potential clients inside your business before they even arrive. Whatever you envision for your company, we'll work with you to capture just what you need.

Modern Business Portrait Dubuque Photographer"I was in need of updated business photos and chose Elite Images professional branding photo package. It was an amazing experience! Eric was easy to work with and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. He brought me in after the photos were completed and helped me choose which ones best fit my personality and character. So glad I was able to do this at Elite Images ." --Stephanie