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What Makes Us the Best Headshot Photographer in Dubuque

With over 30 years of photography experience and 25 years running a well-established independent photography studio, Eric knows exactly what goes into creating both amazing images and a great experience.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not just about the camera and fancy lighting equipment. What you see during a photoshoot is just a fraction of everything that goes on behind the scenes to make your portrait the best one possible. So if snapping a picture is only a small part of the whole experience, what exactly is it that Eric does? Well, let's take a look at the other side of the lens...

Before the Photoshoot:

Setting up the Studio

Before you arrive, he makes sure that the photography studio is set up and ready to go. This means making sure your chosen background is up and the lights are in place. He uses a number of different backgrounds and lighting techniques depending on the style of photography you are looking for, and he makes sure everything is set to photograph you the way you want.

If you're coming in for a business portrait as part of a company, he sets up for traditional lighting with your business' pre-chosen background. On the other hand, if you're having a Modern Headshot session, we use an entirely different lighting technique and set up to create a contemporary, model-style portrait.

Dubuque Photography Studio

Calibration for Perfection

After everything is in place, Eric runs a small series of tests to make sure everything is just right. This includes using a light meter to measure exactly how bright the lights are flashing and how much will be illuminating your face. At this time, he'll make adjustments to our settings to achieve an acutely precise light reading. This is especially important when photographing for companies that require business portraits for a number of employees. By calibrating the lights prior to each photoshoot, he guarantees that each and every individual's portraits will be uniformly lit. Even with employees being photographed on different days throughout the entire year, you'll see remarkable consistency across the board so that your company's employees look professional and unified.

Photography Studio Dubuque

During Your Portrait Session:

Guidance and Direction

Eric photographs hundreds of peoples' portraits in a single year, so he knows how overwhelmed and nervous people can feel when having their portrait taken. Whether they're self-conscious about their appearance, or simply haven't had a professional portrait taken in years, he works with people every day to overcome their fears of being in front of the camera.

How? By providing step-by-step guidance throughout the entire session. Eric coaches you through the entire process, even down to the tiny details such as which way to tilt your head and how to hold your shoulders. He guides you from start to finish so that you don't have to worry about how you look--that's his job! He creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere so that your photography experience is stress-free--even enjoyable!

Eric's guidance and direction are especially important during Modern Headshot and Personal Branding sessions. These contemporary styles of photography capture much more than just what you look like--they capture your professional personality. He'll guide you so your images showcase you exactly how you want to portray yourself to potential clients. During your Headshot session, he pays attention to everything your portrait is saying, not just through your expression, but through your body language as well. He'll help you achieve a look that shows you as your most confident, relatable, and trustworthy.

Color Check

At the end of your headshot session, Eric may have you hold a small card with a series of colored squares and then snap one last picture. But don't worry, he's not taking your mugshot. This is a color checker to make sure all of the hues are correct when we process your images, ensuring that they're true to life and naturally toned.

Did you have your portrait taken and Eric didn't have you do this last step? Don't worry! For business portraits, we often have this already taken care of before you arrive.

Dubuque Professional Portrait Color Correction


Color Correction

At this point, you've already had your portrait taken and are out the door. But that's not the end of things! We transfer the raw file from the camera and process them for correct color and light levels. Here's where it gets a little technical.... The raw images that our camera captures contains an incredible about of detail. In fact, the sheer amount of visual information contained in these files actually makes the images appear dark or muddied. This is where the color check taken previously comes into play. We use the photograph with the color checking card as our reference so we know exactly how to adjust each image.

Before and After Photo Editing
BEFORE color correction and retouching
Professional Headshot Photographers Dubuque
AFTER color correction and retouching

Final Re-touches

After you select your favorite image, we do a full retouching. This includes softening facial lines, lightening the shadows under eyes, whitening teeth, and clearing any blemishes. We also adjust the image's contrast and levels so your final image is bright and clear.

Eric's not one of the best Dubuque photographers by accident. And Elite Images isn't the top photography studio by chance. The great images that we create are made through years of experience and the precision in every step of the process--from before you ever arrive to the photography studio to when you receive your final portrait. We strive for perfection so your portrait is best you've ever seen.

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