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5 Reasons Your Smartphone Pictures Look Terrible

5 Reasons Your Smartphone Photos Look Terrible

Why Your Smartphone Images Look Terrible

As one of the best photographers in Dubuque, we know quite a bit about professional quality photography. There are so many skills, techniques and tools that professional photographers use to capture stunning pictures, you just can't beat those kind of quality images! But that doesn't mean you can't still take great pictures on your phone for everyday use! Smartphone cameras have improved a lot in just a short span of time which makes it easier to snap phones in your day to day. But do you ever scroll through all of the images on your phone and wish they just looked better? Here are 5 reasons your smartphone photos look terrible... and how you can fix them!

The Background Is Really Distracting

Whether you're taking a picture of your dog looking adorable or your group of friends out on the town, you want to make sure that your subject is the main attraction... not a room full of activity or messiness. Try to find a clean, simple background with solid colors. This will help keep all of the attention on what you want instead of a bunch of distracting things going on in the back. Clean, minimalistic walls might sound boring, but they really help keep the focus where you want it! The only exception to this is if the point of the picture is to capture the place you are at.

The Image Isn't Focused

Smartphone cameras automatically focus on what they think is the most important part of the composition. But the thing is... what your phone thinks is important might not be what you think is the most important. This happens a lot when you're trying to take a close up of something small or if there is a lot going on in the image. To fix this, simply tap on your screen where you want your camera to focus. It's such a simple fix but it can make a world of difference!

You're Not Adjusting Where You're Standing

If you're standing straight on to your subject and only holding your camera at eye level... things can get pretty boring and you might be missing out on the best angle. Change it up! For example, subjects like pets and little kids, don't be afraid to get on their level! Sometimes crouching, standing on a stool, or simply trying a new angle can make a mediocre picture so much better!

It's Taken Way Too Far Away

This goes along with the previous mistake of not adjusting your angle. A lot of people make the mistake of not getting close enough to the subject. Again, you want the attention on what you're photographing, not all of the room and space around it (unless the place you're at is important--then go ahead and step back to capture where you're at!). So don't be afraid to get a little up close and personal! Especially on your phone where your screen is small to begin with, getting closer will ensure that your picture won't be too small to see.

The Lighting Is Terrible

At our Dubuque photography studio, we use professional lighting equipment to make your portraits look stunning. But when you're just taking photos with your phone, you have to work with whatever lighting you have. But there are a few tricks to help the situation! First, never take pictures in direct sunlight! If it's 1:00 in the afternoon and the sun is high in the sky, find a bit of shade. Your picture will still be bright, but you won't have harsh light and squinty eyes. But if you're inside, try to find a window and have your subject face it. Natural light from a window photographs much better than the harsh fluorescence lights. Lastly, avoid using flash as much as possible. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but in general, your lighting will look better without it.

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