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How to Get Multiple Professional Headshot Looks

How to Get Multiple Professional Headshots Looks

Best Dubuque Photographers for Modern Headshots

There's no doubt about it... your professional portrait is extremely important for creating connections. Whether you're trying to reach potential clients or need to curate an image or a brand for yourself, you need a professional headshot that captures the side of you that you want the world to see. So it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly the best look for yourself is. Dubuque photographers understand the need for options, that's why we created Modern Headshot packages to have variety. But how can you get multiple professional headshot looks in a single photography session? Easy!

Try Different Poses

Portrait Photographers near Dubuque IaPortrait Photography

This is the simplest way to capture a variety of looks is to switch up how you sit or stand. You can lounge on the couch, sit with a knee tucked up, lean against a wall, turn your body slightly away from the camera, rest your chin in your hand... there's so many different ways to pose that look amazing on camera!

Most poses should be comfortable... things you might normally do without thinking about it, like crossing your arms. If you do something naturally, that's a good indication that it's something that makes you feel like yourself, which is what you want in a portrait! If you pose in a way that makes you feel confident, people will see you as confident.

But it's also important to trust your photographer. It's our job to make sure you're looking your best, so we'll walk you through different ways to sit or stand. We'll help you find the poses that bring out your best. We'll even pay attention to the little details, such as how your tilt your head, to perfect your look. So even if you're nervous in front of the camera, or feeling a bit awkward, you can trust the photographer will capture your best sides.

Change Outfits and Backgrounds

Professional Headshots and Portraits in DubuqueDubuque Portrait Photography

A simple change of clothes and swapping the backdrop can create an entire new look quickly. Different colors can bring out different features in your face, draw more attention to your skin or eyes and create a whole new mood in the photograph.

Our Dubuque photographer even has a few tricks to make sure that every background and outfit change works! First, when it comes to what to wear for portraits, it's always best to wear a solid color. Prints or patterns can be pretty distracting in a photograph, so solid colors make sure the attention stays where you want it too.

Second, long sleeves are great for drawing all of the attention to your expression. People's eyes naturally are drawn to skin, so by covering up your arms, it automatically pulls their eyes to your face.

Also, backgrounds with the least amount of distractions work the best. That's why indoor portraits at a professional photography studio look so good... the backdrops are clean and simple! Cool or neutral colors in the background also help bring out the warmth of your skin tone.

Take Both Close-Up and Mid-Body Portraits

Portrait Photographers Near DubuqueProfessional Portrait Photographers Dubuque

How zoomed in you take your headshot can create different attitudes. Capturing a mix of head and shoulders poses along with images that show more of your torso--even your arms and legs--is a simple way to have visual variety. It also gives you options for different ways to use your portraits.

For example, a close-up works really well for something small like a business card or your social media profile picture. On the other hand, a mid-body portrait might work better for places such as your business website, blog, or along with magazine features.

No matter what your professional goals are, having a couple different portrait looks to choose from is always a great thing to have on hand... and getting those different looks is easy!

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