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How to Make Your Headshot Glamorous

How to Make Your Headshot Glamorous

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You know that having a professional portrait for you business image is important. But what about your personal image? Contrary to popular belief, headshots do not have to be all stiff and stuffy... just take a look at our Modern Headshots and you'll see that business portraits can really show your individuality! In fact, as professional Dubuque photographers, we believe that headshots can move beyond just business. Headshots can show off your style and attitude for anything from leveling up your dating profile to creating a unique gift for a special someone. So go ahead... let your hair down and show off a little! Here's how you can bring a little glamour to your photoshoot to spice up your headshot:

Break Out the Top that Makes You Feel Fabulous

We all have that one top or dress that just instantly makes you feel stunning the moment you slip it on. Unfortunately, it often ends up hanging in the closet while we wait for an excuse to wear it. Well now's your chance! Wear your favorite form-fitting and flattering outfits for images that are absolutely beautiful... maybe even a little bit sexy! The best part is you don't just look phenomenal, you feel spectacular! Wearing clothes that make you feel fabulous brightens your attitude and lets you feel free to express yourself. And there's nothing more gorgeous than confidence!

Treat Yourself to Professional Styling

You may be the type of person that likes to have a routine of doing your hair and make up before leaving the house. You may be the type who just throws something on and gets going. Whichever you are, treating yourself to professional hair and make up styling can be the perfect way of preparing yourself for a glamorous photoshoot! Having someone else style your hair and makeup lets you try a fresh new look without spending hours in your bathroom mirror figuring it out on your own. Professional stylists also know what works well with your face shape and how to get you camera ready. Plus, the extra pampering will help you relax and gives you time to really feel like a model before stepping into the photography studio.

Have a Say and Have Fun!

Your photoshoot is all about you! So speak up! Want to change up your hair a little? Great! Want some poses that show off your curves more? Awesome! Want to show off both your sultry attitude and your sweet and innocent? Perfect! If there's anything you want to change or try, just let us know. We want to make sure you receive the look you want so you have images you fall in love with. And of course, we want you to have fun! We'll guide you step by step through the entire photoshoot so you don't have to worry about a thing. Just relax and feel glamorous!

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