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New Additions to Elite Images Photography

New Additions to Elite Images Photography

Here at Elite Images we professionally photograph hundreds of local businessmen and women each year.

We specialize in creating business portraits that will give you a professional edge to make a great first impression on prospective clients, colleagues, and business contacts. What does your current portrait say about you and your company?

If you're looking for something classic or even a knock-out portrait, Elite Images is your business portrait headquarters in Dubuque and surrounding area. We offer professional lighting and give you direction to highlight your best features. A classic or traditional business portrait is typically just of your head and shoulders. It is typically shot on a classic(blue with hints of other colors) or white background with a single outfit choice.

We have many business portraits that are typically photographed on the white background; the knock-out portrait being one. These are perfect for anyone looking to use their portrait for a specific marketing piece, especially a billboard.

If you're looking for a portrait to capture an approachable and personable, yet professional side of you, a Personal Branding portrait is for you. The most important part of this type of portrait is the more casual and relaxed experience. This portrait will allow you to bring out your natural essence and help your potential clients connect with you more.

Also featured with Personal Branding, and quite popular at Elite Images, is the black background. These business portraits are perfect for someone who wants a classic, yet updated look with has dramatic lighting to enhanced and emphasize your eyes. Similar to the classic business portrait, you may show just your head and shoulders or also the majority of your body.

Elite Images will work with you to choose a background dependent on the look you're trying to achieve.

Are you a company looking for consistency throughout your employees portraits? Our photographer can make sure everyone is photographed on the same background; no matter when they come in to have their business portrait taken.

Call Elite Images now to schedule your business portrait on one of our newest backgrounds. Schedule your portrait before the end of March and receive a $30.00 discount! 563-583-9369

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