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Photoshoot with Friends... and Horses!

Photoshoot with Friends... and Horses!

One of our favorite parts about being one of the leading Dubuque photographers is getting to go on adventures every summer for senior portraits! Every year we're surprised with the creativity and fun ideas that students bring to their photoshoots. And this year, we did something special for our Class of 2020 Elite Senior Squad... every Squad member got to have a Friend's Photoshoot where they could invite a group of their buds to be photographed with a theme of their choice.

Senior Portrait Photography with Animals

Kaylee chose to have her group photoshoot at her friend's ranch. We were blown away by how gorgeous of a location it was to photograph at! There was so much green in the trees, the tall grasses of the pasture, and, of course, lots of animals! We were so excited to photograph some of Kylee's senior pictures here with her friends.

Photoshoot with horses for Instagram

But photographing with animals always brings some challenges. When we photograph portraits, we give direction and instruct each person on how to stand and even work with them to capture genuine expressions. That's one of the things that makes us one of the best Dubuque photographers--we walk you through every part of the photography session so you know exactly what to do so you look your absolute best!

Of course, animals don't listen or do what you want them to all the time (surprise surprise). Working with the horses is certainly no exception! Trying to get them to face the camera or just stand where you want them long enough to capture a good image can seem like a test of skill at some points. But it's still so much fun and well worth it!

Professional Senior Picture Photographer near Dubuque

Professional Photography with Horses

Senior Portrait Photoshoot with Horses near Dubuque