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A Professional Headshot Can Make Your Business Great... and We'd Love to Help!

A Professional Headshot Can Make Your Business Great... and We'd Love to Help!

When it comes to professional business portraits, many people have the misconception that a quick snapshot will do the trick.

The problem with using snapshot as your LinkedIn photo or bio photo is that people might not be immediately stricken with your professionalism. The purpose of a headshot is to convey your emotion, energy, and, ultimately, your professionalism. If you’re looking for executive photos Dubuque or a corporate photographer, then you’re in the right place. Elite Images works with local professionals to create professional business portraits that can be used as business card pictures and much more. With a professional business portrait, you can perfectly brand your business. Still, many people don’t have good business portraits for their websites or other branding tools, and they resist having business headshots. Professional headshots are directly related with increased sales, so why do people decide to forego having them created? First of all, a lot of people are truly camera shy. Seasoned professionals suddenly become shy when they have a camera pointed at them. We’ve seen it time and time again, but we’re able to put people to ease so that they can loosen up and really have a great photo shoot. Some people are afraid that they’ll look bad, but, again, when we help people relax, their best images are captured. Other people don’t want to spend the time or money having professional business portraits created. Investments are made because a return is expected, and we assure clients that they will see results by branding their image in such a professional capacity. The investment of time and money is small in comparison with long term success. Our goal is to put clients at ease and help them create the perfect first impression. We can offer you the same excellent service this happy client recently received: “Elite Images is the best studio I’ve ever been to, bar none. Eric has an amazing eye for detail and did a fantastic job with my business portrait. Everything from his guidance while taking the photos to the speed in which I received the finished product exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier!” - Theresa Dellaert, Dubuque, Iowa If you’re ready to get started with your new best branding tool, then we’d love to schedule a free consultation with you!

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