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Dubuque Family Portrait - Frequently Asked Questions

Dubuque Family Portrait - Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Family Portraits at Dubuque Arboretum

What Locations Can We Have Family Photos Taken?

The two main factors to consider are how many people are being photographed and what style you are wanting to achieve. For a more formal look, we can take family portraits in-studio depending on the size of the family. If you would like something more casual, or if you have a large family, the Dubuque Arboretum or Swiss Valley Nature Park are popular choices.

Want something different or a little more personal? We also have a Family Portrait Session that allows you to have your family portraits taken at a location of your choice up to 25 miles away from our Dubuque photography studio.

When is a Good Time for Outdoor Family Portraits in Dubuque?

Great question! Many families like the look of Fall colors, so October tends to be the best month to capture all of the bright reds, yellows and oranges of Autumn... but you certainly aren't restricted to the one season! Winter portraits in the snow are fun and playful and something a little different. Early summer (May or June) have fantastic colors with everything green and in bloom... plus you don't have to worry about the kid's school schedule once summer starts!

No matter the season, though, we schedule all outdoor sessions in the afternoon for when the lighting is at its best.

Can We Do Smaller Family Break-Downs in Addition to the Whole Group?

Absolutely! When there is a large family all coming together, we definitely will spend some time getting all of the different groupings--everyone together, grandparents with grandkids, siblings, couples, etc. We have a few different sessions available that allow for different amounts of time, so we'll help fit you with the session that will give you the right amount of time for the size of your family.

Can I Have a Photo of Just My Baby / Child?

Yes. Just like the smaller family groupings, we'll be happy to take a few images of your children individually. Although we do not offer entire sessions for only baby, we'll take a few images as part of a family session.

What Should My Family Wear?

Rule Number One is to remember that a viewer's eyes will always go to where skin shows. For example, if you don't want people to look at your upper arms, wear long sleeves. We also recommend wearing long dark jeans or pants --yes, even in summer! Shorts tend to draw a viewer's attention down, away from our family's faces.

Rule Number Two is to coordinate colors. Pick one or two colors and have everyone stick to it! This keeps everyone looking cohesive and together. Along with this, make sure that everyone is wearing solid colors. Avoid prints or patterns as these can be visually distracting.

We also have an entire digital magazine dedicated to answering this very important question! For more tips and tricks for dressing for family portraits--and lots of examples!--CHECK IT OUT!!

What to Wear for Family Portraits Clothing Guide

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