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Transform out of the everyday version of yourself and live like a model for a day with this magazine-style photoshoot! The experience begins with a consultation at our Dubuque photography studio where we'll discuss the clothing, the hair, and style you dream of being photographed with—then, on the day of your photography session, you'll get pampered with full hair and make-up by professional stylists to make it come to life! During your photoshoot, our photographer will give you direction so that each pose is the most flattering for your specific body type. Wish you had more curves? We will guide you on how to bring out your hourglass figure. Afraid that the camera will add 10 pounds? Anyone can take a picture, but our photographer has the ability to take 20 pounds off and give you curves in just the right places through posing alone! Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Modern Beauty by Elite Images will transform how you see yourself so you can experience just that.

Who Needs It:

Women wanting to celebrate themselves and see how truly beautiful they are.

-Mothers wanting to rediscover themselves after kids

-Independent Women

-Models and those who don't think they're photogenic

-Curvy, slender, and any body type in between

-Young or old making a transition in their life

What It Can Be Used For:

-Gift for a loved one

-Keepsake for your children

-Treasure for yourself

-Dating profile or Social Media

Glamorous Photography Dubuque

"Eric is extremely professional, gives GREAT direction , and really goes the extra step to make sure your pictures turn out the way you want them to. It's not always easy to be in front of the camera and look natural, but the direction that Eric gives is precise and extremely helpful. Going as detailed as how to tilt your head or where to stand, Eric will make sure he catches you at your best angle and that you love the pictures you leave with!" -Jessica

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